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Coffee with Creativity


The tagline of Coffee with Creativity says it all - Being the WIND BENEATH the CREATIVE WINGS!


Coffee with Creativity (CWC) is a platform that brings together all creative people, irrespective of their fields. It is a platform for all kinds of creative souls… whether they are professionals, amateurs, hobby artists, or just art lovers, of any age whatsoever.


Neha and Nirav Shah, are the founders of the group, COFFEE with CREATIVITY(CWC)

We also meet periodically off-line (in person) over interesting creative activities and the same shall be announced from time to time...though it is not compulsory to attend it each time!

CWC also does activities like the below to give a global platform to the creative souls

Periodic Creative meets

HeART Show Exhibition

International Competition

Live Online Shows

Featuring Artists Online

Art Workshops

Business & Life Mentorship

NGO Talent Hunt & Mentorship

Our Vision

To make a unified Artist community with no boundaries of countries & places

Our Mision

The idea behind the platform is simply to learn, to encourage, to connect, and the motive is selfless.

Meet The Team

Nirav Shah

  • Instagram

Real Estate Developer, Interior and Architectural designer, Life and Biz mentor, Creativity Nurturer, Cartoonist

Nirav is a cartoonist.

Professionally he is into the following activities:

1. Foliage - Real Estate developers

2. DUA - Interior and Architectural designing

3. Neha's Fitness Studio - Fitness Business 

4. Success Vikings - Life and Business mentoring 

5. Wake up to Dream - Philanthropic platform

6. Coffee with Creativity - a platform to be the "Wind beneath the creative wings"

Neha Shah

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Co-founder, Coffee with Creativity

Fitness Coach, Philanthropist

She is one of the founders of CWC. 

Professionally she is also into the following activities

1. Neha's Fitness Studio - Fitness Business 

2.  Wake up to Dream - Philanthropic platform

3. Coffee with Creativity - a platform to be the "Wind beneath the creative wings"

4. DUA - Interior and Architectural designing

Chunchun Devani

  • Instagram

Calligraphy artist, Architect, Interior Designer, Landscapist, Photographer, Logo designer

111 Designs - Chunchun is an Architect. In the projects she designs,she also does the Interiors, landscaping & product design.


Akshar Calligraphy - She is also an artist of Sanskrit calligraphy. She does paintings, tattoos, and logo design in Devanagari & Sanskrit.


She is an avid photographer of nature. She enjoys cooking & has her own recipes.


Milan Barad

  • Instagram

Freelance Photographer and Tour Organiser

Milan is a freelance photographer. He is the Founder Of Photophlics(photography group)


He is also a member of;

Camera club of karnavati

Niharika Photo society

Grmc bikers group member

simbalian cyclist group member

 bicycle buddies core team member.

Kulin Patel

  • Instagram

Interior designer/ Artist / Visualizer

Interior designer/ Artist / Visualizer

Dilip Dave 

  • Instagram

Art creator, Cartoonist

Art creator, Cartoonist

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